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Healed Before and After


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: How do I choose the right artist? Look at healed results. Healed results are very important because this shows the quality of the artist's work. Artists who DON'T publish healed results are hiding something... so pay attention on this. So find the best cosmetic/body tattoo works that you admire with great healed results and choose this artist that you feel will give you what you want and not what they want to give you! (Beside is an example of my healed work from 1st session to 2nd session touchup).  This is how you choose an artist to work on your face: 1) How it looks when its Healed. 2) YELP Positive reviews. 3) Insured and Health Inspected, Experience, Skills and Credentials. 4) High-quality pigments. 5) Innate (natural) talent of your artist. 6) She is an Artist!  What is the difference with Machine work or Microblading?  Again, look at the healed results! Many factors are considered, for example: Jojo uses one or the other and often times both depending on the Eyebrow outcome request or the skin type. Every job is unique based on the preference of the outcome. Microblading is by a manual hand tool, Hairstroking is tattooing fine hair-like lines by Tattoo Machine.  What pigments do I use? I only import the best USA or German name brands. I use MRI non-reactive inks. I have used many brands over the years and I always go back to the ones that have great color retention and those that dont change hues over time (ie: purple brows, orange brows, etc). Iron Oxide based inks are known to change colors so I stay away from them and so should you! Is it recommended to have separate consultation before the session or can that information also be provided the same day as the session? Its not necessary to do a consult unless you want a patch test to do 2 weeks before the actual procedure. So same day is ok. Consults can be done over the phone, text or email. If you are still shopping around, it is best to get a consult and choose the right artist that you feel comfortable with. How long does Eyeliner tattoo last? Permanent makeup will fade off over the years. While this may be disappointing to some people, others may be more comfortable with this knowledge. The national average time span between touchups is said to be 1-3 years for eyebrows, 3-4 years for and eyeliner & lips. Occasionally a person can be found who has had their permanent makeup over 10 years, but it is a rare occasion. There are other people who need a touchup after a couple of years.  The disappearing permanent makeup is faded by UV rays, pigment removal by the body via ducts in eyelash and eyebrow hair follicles, possibly body chemistry, anti-aging products applied to the face, cellular turnover - rejuvenation, etc. Lighter colors fade faster than darker colors. Permanent makeup lasts longer on older women because they aren’t out playing in the sun as much, and their cellular turnover rate is slower. The bright side to "permanent" makeup fading off is that it makes it easier to change color, shape, and placement over the years. How do I confirm my appointment: Once booked online you will receive a confirmation right away then a reminder 2 days before your scheduled appointment. Go directly to my Scheduling Webpage: A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required in order to reserve your appointment time upon scheduling. The deposit will be credited toward the procedure fees. Can you give me a discount? We are priced based on our experience and skill level, I train continuously and pay for tuitions and courses thus, i have to cover them with fair rates. Tattoo shops aren’t yard sales or sketchy flea markets, prices aren’t often negotiable. To those wondering if they can talk down a tattoo shop’s prices, that’s the equivalent of going in a store and giving the cashier a pitch as to why they should give you your groceries for 40% less. As the last point said and was often reiterated to me — if your bank account can’t, don’t!
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